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The Relentless School Nurse: “Taking Care” by Sarah DiGregorio is a Must Read!


There is something magical about listening to an author do an in-person book talk about their newly published work. I had that experience when journalist/author Sarah DiGregorio was invited to celebrate Rutgers-Camden Nursing’s 50th Anniversary as a Distinguished Lecture Series speaker. 

Rutgers-Camden Nursing gifted Sarah’s book to the entire sophomore class, a brilliant idea that should be considered by nursing schools across the country. The sophomore class was invited to a special guest lecture with Sarah. She took the time to inscribe every book with a personal message. What a gift to these young nurses! They may not realize it today but will look back on this experience as transformational.

Sarah’s talk was an inspiring reminder that nurses do have the power to change the world because we already have. She cited this quote as one of her favorite definitions of nursing:

Nursing is a profoundly radical profession that calls society to equality and justice, to trustworthiness, and to openness. The profession is, also, radically political: It imagines a world in which the conditions necessary for health are enjoyed by all people.” – Mark Lazenby PhD APRN

“Taking Care – The Story of Nursing and its Power to Change Our World” offers a compelling exploration of the intricate and substantial role that nurses have played and continue to play in society. The book delves into nursing’s historical significance emphasizing that nursing is not just a profession but a fundamental pillar of our communal well-being.

The narrative is a blend of historical accounts and contemporary stories, emphasizing the continued relevance of nursing in our modern world. Through this blend, the book inspires readers to appreciate the often invisible yet crucial contributions of nurses to the betterment of society. By presenting a holistic view of nursing, “Taking Care,” encourages readers to consider the ways in which we can collectively work towards creating a more supportive and respectful environment for nurses.

“Taking Care” is a poignant call for societal change and a heartfelt acknowledgment of the tireless dedication and service of nurses throughout history and into the future. Thank you, Sarah DiGregorio, for this gift to nursing. Your message is deeply appreciated, especially during this critical time in our history.

DiGregorio’s storytelling is pitch-perfect; narrative and nursing, she understands, come from the same place and both are concerned with a deep understanding of character and plot….This is a brilliant book, and DiGregorio is a beautiful writer. Taking Care deserves to be on the reading list for nursing and medical schools, and on the bedside table of all politicians.New York Times Book Review


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