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The Relentless School Nurse: MSNBC’s Morning Joe is Talking About Gun Violence Prevention With Dr. Megan Ranney of AFFIRM Research!

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The readers of my blog may remember that I participated in a meeting with AFFIRM Reseach in February. I wrote this blog post about being the only nurse at the table and how that must change.  AFFIRM is on a mission to provide funding for innovative firearm violence prevention research and fill the gap that has existed for over 20 years from the lack of federal funding.

I became involved with AFFIRM through meeting one of its founder’s Emergency Room physician, Dr. Megan Ranney on Twitter.  Big news for Dr. Ranney and AFFIRM, she will be representing the organization on Morning Joe tomorrow morning! Here are the details:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 6.13.54 PMI am asking the readers of the Relentless School Nurse to share this information within your networks. This is an important opportunity for AFFIRM Research to have a national platform to explain the vision, mission, and purpose of AFFIRM.

Here is a bit of what AFFIRM stands for and you will understand why I #StandAFFIRM:

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