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The Relentless School Nurse: Support the Work of the Brady Foundation – You Vote, They Get a Donation!

Today is the last day to cast a vote for the Brady Foundation to receive a portion of the generous donation from the CREDO Foundation. Click here: You Vote. We Donate.

When my father was alive, there were many things that we differed on, especially politics. I was and remain an ardent democrat, volunteering for President Jimmy Carter’s campaign before I was eligible to vote. My father on the otherhand voted for Nixon over Kennedy in 1960. 

One of the things we did agree upon was the importance of Brady United. My father believed in Jim Brady’s mission to pass the Brady Bill and work for common sense gun safety laws. I had the amazing honor to pay a visit to Brady during my recent trip to DC and I shared my father’s respect and belief in their mission. 

I am writing to ask the readers of my blog to take a moment and support the important work of Brady United, a pioneer in gun violence prevention. A simple vote to support their efforts will allocate a donation of a portion of $150,000.00 by the CREDO foundation.

Click here: You Vote. We Donate.

Thank you to all who support this important cause! I know my father would agree!


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