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The Relentless School Nurse: Healing Our Ghosts Podcast Has Launched!

Healing our Ghosts is a new podcast by Ana Joanes, filmmaker and creative spirit who brought us Wrestling Ghosts, a groundbreaking documentary about parenting with ACEs.  This new podcast has a unique vision:

Healing Our Ghosts shines light into the suffering we keep hidden. We are not alone in our struggles and when we share our pain, we lift the shame secrecy that keeps us alone and disconnected from each other and prevents us from healing. With humor and compassion, Ana Joanes interviews a wide variety of guests about their messy lives, how they hurt, survived and thrived and, more often than not, how they use their life’s journey to contribute to the world. Ana believes the trauma-informed movement must be lead by those personally affected. She is the director of Wrestling Ghosts, a powerful and intimate documentary about childhood trauma and healing.  

The premiere episode of Healing Our Ghosts is with one of my all time favorite people, Cissy White. She is a brilliant writer, who speaks nationally about the impact of trauma and her healing journey. Cissy believes that trauma survivors must be leading this work and that it is not trauma informed unless it is informed by trauma survivors.  

How To Live On Earth When You Raised In Hell?

Cissy White

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