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The Relentless School Nurse: Voices of Nurses during Covid-19 Pandemic – Our Lived Reality

The information below is the work and words of Mary Jo Kreitzer, PhD, RN Professor and Director of the Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. You can contribute to this important repository of COVID stories!

Share Your COVID-19 Experiences Anonymously

“Please hear us. Please. This is real. This virus affects everyone and so many more will die. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself. But my heart is broken at how broken the system is right now.” – Anonymous nurse

Stopping nurses and other health care workers from freely speaking to the media on the pandemic whether it’s about the impact of COVID on the safety of patients, access, PPE or the public health measures to make them safe has got to stop.   It has made it harder for reporters to understand the role of nurses in their communities so the public can better understand. Health reporters have reached out and some nurses are speaking anonymously. Job protection is critical. We must stop silencing nurses. We must change this. – Anonymous nurse 

Nursing Community, whether you are a nurse, nurse leader, nursing student, or faculty member, we invite you to share your experiences and feelings of being a nurse in this moment.

What are your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic? In addition to PPE, what do you need? What will help you process this experience and heal? What are you willing to share anonymously with the world?

Integrative nurse leader Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer has developed a tool that will allow you to safely and confidentially share your challenges, stressors, and any other insights or learnings you have during these unprecedented times. We hope to amplify the voices of nurses and most importantly, understand what nurses need at this time.

Click the button below to easily share your thoughts, and please share this message and link with your colleagues.

We are here to listen.  Share Your Experiences


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