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The Relentless School Nurse: What is Take 10?

Ending Well is a Human Issue and Take 10 is a free virtual event curated to “tackle urgent questions about caregiving, grief, isolation, mental health, and the end of life — topics and conversations that are timely and rocking so many of us to our very core.” – Shawna Butler

The following information is retrieved from End Well Project – Take 10 Registration

Take 10 is a free virtual experience on December 10th where everyone is invited featuring celebrities and unsung heroes, from the well-known to the emerging.

Together, we will declare a National Day where we celebrate, share stories and openly discuss the hard stuff: caregiving, grief and loss, the end of life, social isolation, and mental health. We’ll gather in solidarity, find solace in each other, and surface solutions. It’s our time to embrace the good, the bad, the messy and surprising gift of being alive.

Invite your friends, family, and someone who needs a little light this year (let’s be honest, that’s all of us.) Then, take 10 minutes to start a conversation with those you invited and others you care about.

The event takes place right here, on our website: on Dec 10th at 1 pm EST and lasts approximately 4 hours. Everything is recorded, so you can come back anytime to watch talks you missed or want to revisit.

Take 10 | End Well 2020




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