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The Relentless School Nurse: Cissy White + PBS News Hour = An Important Conversation about the Invisible Scars of Childhood Trauma

My dear friend Cissy White is one of the leaders in the trauma survivors movement. She is a writer, mom, survivor of childhood trauma, and has ovarian cancer. Cissy has a brilliant mind, a heart of pure love and will be featured on PBS NewsHour beginning Monday in a 4-part series on the invisible scars of childhood trauma. To learn more about my beloved friend, here is a recent blog post she shared about her cancer journey:

Cancer Update

STARING MONDAY, December 14th: “In a country upended by the coronavirus pandemic, PBS News Hour begins a special series that takes a closer look at a growing, silent epidemic — childhood trauma.”
@CissyWhite is featured in this 4-part series! Cissy speaks of the importance of giving a voice to survivors of childhood trauma. Her message is that it is not trauma-informed unless it includes the survivor’s perspective. PBS News Hours has spent time learning from Cissy and is now sharing these important conversations for all of us to view!
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