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The Relentless School Nurse: Who Does That?

My school nurse has sh*t for brains. I don’t have COVID.

A child was sent home from school because they had possible COVID symptom(s) that fell within the CDC guidelines for exclusion. The parent retaliated by sending the child back to school wearing the tee-shirt pictured above. 

It was this story and sadly, so many others that prompted me to Tweet this message:

I don’t know why I am surprised that I had to write this message. Incivility seems to be rampant across our country. I am hoping that a new day is dawning. Until that day comes, please.just.don’t. 

Update: School nurses who read this will not be surprised to learn that there was no apology by the parents and in fact, the offensive tee-shirt was returned. The student was given another shirt for the day. 


3 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: Who Does That?”

  1. OMG!!! I can not believe this crap! I am a school nurse in Dallas, Texas and this makes me want to cry. School nurses are working very long hours ( last ones to leave the school), evenings at home and weekends in order to keep our students and faculty safe. We are the most important and frontline people that are working in order to allow all those parents out there to go to work and send their little “darlings” to be educated on campus and get them out of their parents hair! The disrespect and cowardice of these parents breaks my heart!
    The Public School System does not run a Free Daycare! I am saddened and yet so angry right now by this… How dare them….!

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