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The Relentless School Nurse: Time to Pay Attention to the Mental Health of School Nurses


It has not been a figment of our imagination, or hyperbole that school nurses across the country have been struggling under the cumulative stressors of the pandemic. Our mental health has been impacted during COVID, which is no surprise to any of us, but the data clearly supports our anecdotal experiences. NASN released the results of a national survey in March of 2022. This was a collaboration between NASN, the CDC, and the National Association of State School Nurse Consultants. Almost 8,000 school nurses from across the country responded to the 121 -item questionnaire. 

It is beyond time to pay attention to our own mental health. The results of the survey are sobering, to say the least.  

It is time that we address the mental health and wellness of the school nurses who have so valiantly cared for our nation’s school children and staff. – NASN Executive Director, Donna Mazyck 

Here is a link to NASN’s blog post describing the results of the survey: Survey Finds 45% of School Nurses Report Mental Health Conditions By NASN

Here is a link to a downloadable poster of the survey results provided by NASN:

Mental Health of School Nurses in the United States During COVID-19 Pandemic

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  1. Sobering is an understatement. These results are horrendous and no surprise. Sad. Going to bring it to my superintendent tomorrow. Personally.

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