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The Relentless School Nurse: There is No Room for Apolitical Stances in Nursing

It will be five years this coming March since I published my first Op-Ed in the Nursing Economics journal at the invitation of Dr. Donna Nickitas, Dean of Rutgers-Camden Nursing. Since that pivotal publication, one where I shared my personal journey as a gun violence prevention activist, I have had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Nickitas on many projects, publications, journal articles, and presentations.

The linked Op-ed below is our most recent joint venture, one that examines the need for nursing to move beyond maintaining an apolitical stance and step into the political arena. We have wrapped ourselves in an artificial bubble of neutrality that has limited our influence and impact on health policy and legislation. We hope this Op-ed continues the much-needed conversation that nursing is political…

Nursing Economics Op Ed – Looking Through Lenses of Compassion and Courage

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