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The Relentless School Nurse: Celebrating School Nurse Day 2023 with a Poem

Nurse Holly is one of the administrators of the School Nursing Facebook page. The page has grown to almost 18,000 school nurses over the last few years. It is an active and vibrant community where school nurses gather for information, advice and support. Holly is dedicated to supporting school nurses in all seasons of their careers. She is a creative, who uses her many talents to educate the public about health topics. Holly created a poem for this year’s National School Nurse Day! Thank you Holly, for sharing your message on this special day!


Here is a brief history of how National School Nurse Day came to be! This information was retrieved from:

On July 4, 1968, the National Education Association established the Department of School Nurses (DSN), an association dedicated to the advancement of school nursing practice and the health of school-age children. In July of 1969, the DSN held their first annual meeting in Philadelphia. Their ultimate purpose was to improve the quality of school nursing, to upgrade the skills of school nurses and to further the abilities of all children to succeed in the classroom.

A nationwide survey sent later that year, specified that the number one goal of the DSN was the establishment of school nurse credentialing standards in all states. Over the next few years, this goal was accomplished state by state. Throughout the 1970’s, each state established its own school nurses association under the umbrella of the Department of School Nurses. In 1974, President Ford proclaimed the fourth Wednesday in January as National School Nurse Day. School nurses are now nationally recognized and celebrated for contributing to the health and well being of the nation’s students.

With the goals of the DSN coming into clearer focus, committees began to form, policy statements were written and candidates were elected to executive offices. The DSN continued to expand until finally in 1979, the group became their own entity separate from the National Education Association. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) was incorporated that year and remains, the largest association of school nurses and the hub for state affiliate associations.

Through its history, NASN has emerged to lead the transformation of school health. Partnering with national health organizations, NASN continues to strengthen its membership, develop educational programs, resources, and research, and influence stakeholders support for school nursing through advocacy. NASN supports school nurse objectives by publishing issue briefs and position statements on subjects affecting student health and school nursing to keep members updated on aspects affecting their school communities.

50 Year History: 68 page documentVisions and Voices: 50 year history of the National Association of School Nurses






4 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: Celebrating School Nurse Day 2023 with a Poem”

  1. BRAVO HOLLY, THANK YOU!!!!! And thank you Robin for all that you do! And thank you and hats off to all School Nurses today! Today, square your shoulders, lighten your step, take pride, have some fun, know your VALUE, and know you are among friends here.

    1. Thank you Judy, I will be sure Holly sees your message!

  2. Nothing, no email, note or recognition at all. Instead while covering for a nurse I was reprimanded by admin in middle of busy health office. Week prior reprimanded by another admin. My last School Nurses Day. I’m leaving school nursing after 2 years.

    1. I am so very sorry that you have been mistreated. I hope that you land in a place that gives you the respect that you deserve. Best wishes and thank you for reaching out.

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