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The Relentless School Nurse: Art Heals


The fourth school year impacted by COVID is coming to a close next month. Thankfully it is ending on a much better note than it began. For that, I am incredibly grateful. While we are still reeling from the effects of the past three years of pandemic school nursing, it does feel that we have arrived at a turning point. COVID is much more in our rearview mirror than ahead of us. I say that with the caveat that we have to remain vigilant and informed about any new variants and continue to take precautions. But…things have improved, and we can relish in this moment of improved health and wellness in our school communities. 

The art pictured in this blog post was gifted to me by one of my four year old students who spent time in my health office on School Nurse Day. While she waited to be picked up she drew this picture of me. She even asked me to pose! My favorite part, besides the obvious likeness, are the two hearts floating below me. It is a precious piece of children’s art that heals my heavy heart. I think we have all been carrying around an enormous weight on our school nursing shoulders. This beautiful art reminded me of what is important in our work, those moments that capture the impact of mutual healing that can happen in a school health office. As I cared for this little one, she also cared for me. 

I have this sense that COVID and pandemic school nursing are moving into our past. We have much healing to do, maybe that is what summer will bring. My precious piece of gifted artwork is hanging proudly in my health office. It will be a touchpoint to remind me that healing is possible, even if it feels elusive. Maybe we can finally exhale for this moment. While we never know what is going to happen from day to day in school nursing, we have arrived at a new chapter. 

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