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The Relentless School Nurse: Nurses Spread the Word About Gun Safety

Thank you, journalist, Linda Childers for amplifying the voices of nurses and our role in gun violence prevention and firearm safety. There are more than four million nurses across the country, imagine our collective power if we focused on educating families, patients, students, and communities about the urgency for safe storage. We could have an immediate impact on saving lives, today!

The term ‘gun control’ instantly creates polarization and leaves little room for finding common ground,” said Cogan. “But when we talk about gun safety measures — not controlling guns, but keeping our kids safe — that’s a shared value we can all agree on.

Nurses Spread the Word About Gun Safety

2 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: Nurses Spread the Word About Gun Safety”

  1. I appreciate the attempt to not alienate nurses by emphasizing gun safety. That may have had more appeal to me some time prior to the last years of gun violence outrage.
    I think we are past that time. NASN needs to adopt a position that encourages a ban on assault weapons and sensible gun control . It is time to take a stand as other healthcare organizations have.
    I am a retired school nurse and feel compelled to speak out .

    1. Thank you for your message Adriana. I encourage you to continue speaking out, we need all voices in this issue.

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