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The Relentless School Nurse: A School Nurse’s Retirement Poem

It is the season to say goodbye to our trusted school nursing colleagues who are retiring. Most of us work independently, but there are a few lucky school nurses who are part of an in-person team. One such team in my school district is coming to its natural conclusion as Lynn, a dear and dedicated school nurse, reached the magic number of 25 and is retiring. Her partner in all things preschool nursing related wrote this sweet farewell letter to her mentor, friend and co-worker. Cindy wanted to send Lynn off into retirement with a special poem to show her gratitude and appreciation. Lynn supported Cindy when she began as a novice school nurse seven years ago. Here is Cindy’s poem, it captures this moment perfectly. 


This is the Beginning, not the End

It started 25 yrs. ago.

A school nurse you would be

A decision I’m sure you don’t regret.

Now that you’re finally free


No more setting the alarm clock

Trying to get to school by 8

Just get outta bed whenever you want

There’s no such thing as late


No more annual screenings

Or flu notices to go home

No more moms and dads

Yelling at you on the phone


ECDC will not be the same

Without you by my side

But now you’ll be able to rest and relax

Looking back with fond memories and pride


There are only 23 work days left

That you cannot avoid

Because after the 21st of June

You’ll no longer be employed


We knew it would be hard

Saying goodbye to a colleague and friend

But an exciting new path awaits you

This is the beginning, not the end!




Cindy (l), Lynn (r)

2 thoughts on “The Relentless School Nurse: A School Nurse’s Retirement Poem”

  1. Three Cheers for everybody setting off on this new beginning!!! Congratulations!

    1. Lots to celebrate for sure, and at the same time, we will miss our seasoned school nurses.

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