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The Relentless School Nurse: Mental Health Goes to School – A Teacher & A Psychiatrist Walk Into a Podcast!


What a treat!  I was invited by podcast hosts, psychiatrist Dr. Candida Fink, and educator Jo-Ann Berry to have a conversation about school health and safety. Mental Health Goes to School is a new podcast with an important mission, to bridge the gap in understanding the connection between home, school, and the mental health of our students. 

Here is more about the goals of this new endeavor:

A teacher and a psychiatrist talk to experts and with each other to bridge the gap between schools and mental health. We want to learn more about how professionals and families can work together to address the surging crisis in youth mental health.

Episode 6 – School nurses working on the frontlines of school health and safety w/ Robin Cogan

School nurses and school health and safety are intertwined and yet often misunderstood. The role that nurses play in the school environment varies across states and districts – although far too many schools and districts have no or too few school nurses. Feeling safe is fundamental for students to be able to learn and for teachers and others to help students learn. Unfortunately, school nurses are often not included in conversations about school safety despite their being on the front lines of students’ lives.

Ensuring safety in school requires attention to a wide range of needs including supporting students’ physical and mental health and reducing the risk of harm at school. Including school nurses proactively in health and safety discussions, utilizing their knowledge and experience, could make a big difference for students and adults in a school setting. School nurses can help guide discussions and provide ideas for healthier and safer schools. – retrieved from Episode 6 School nurses working on the frontlines of school health and safety with Robin Cogan


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