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The Relentless School Nurse: Student Mental Health Matters – A Toolkit for Schools from PBS Learning Media

Student Mental Health Matters: A Toolkit for Educators is a valuable resource for school nurses and educators, addressing the mental well-being of students. This open-access toolkit from PBS Learning Media offers a collection of video-based resources, featuring expert insights, student perspectives, and practical strategies, all centered around critical mental health topics such as suicide prevention, stress and anxiety management, self-harm awareness, understanding adverse childhood experiences, and the impact of social media. 

Here are some highlights of the toolkit:

  • Expert Insights: Within this toolkit, mental health professionals, school administrators, and educators share their knowledge and experiences. These insights provide a deeper understanding of mental health issues, equipping school staff to better support their students.

  • Student Perspectives: The toolkit includes firsthand accounts from students about their mental health experiences. These personal stories help educators gain insight into the challenges students face, fostering empathy and a better understanding of their needs.

  • Practical Strategies: School nurses and educators can find actionable strategies within the toolkit that they can implement in their daily practices. These strategies are designed to empower school staff to effectively support their students’ well-being.

  • Professional Development: The resources in this toolkit are specifically intended for professional development settings, making them suitable for educators and school staff seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. This approach promotes a more informed and compassionate school environment.

  • Sensitivity Warning: The toolkit acknowledges that some of its content may be emotionally sensitive for viewers. This warning prepares educators and school staff for potentially challenging material, ensuring they approach it with care.

 Student Mental Health Matters: A Toolkit for Educators is a comprehensive resource that contributes to students’ well-being by equipping school nurses and educators with the knowledge and tools needed to support student mental health and well-being.




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