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The Relentless School Nurse: Ohio School Nurse Rachel Ocampo’s, Assessment Skills Save the Life of a Third Grader!

The story of the third grader at Parkside Elementary School highlights the critical role that school nurses play in ensuring the well-being of students.  The timely intervention of the school’s licensed nurse, Rachel Ocampo, proved to be life-saving for Kassie Machado’s daughter, Mia. Ocampo’s astute observation skills and medical expertise allowed her to identify the signs of anemia in Mia, prompting urgent medical attention that potentially saved her life.

Kassie Machado, the grateful mother, has since become an advocate for the presence of school nurses in schools. She emphasizes the vital importance of having a school nurse on-site, as their presence can make a crucial difference in identifying health issues and providing timely interventions. Machado’s words underscore the impact that Ocampo’s presence had on her daughter’s life, emphasizing that without the nurse’s intervention, the severity of Mia’s condition might have gone unnoticed, leading to dire consequences.

This incident serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of having skilled school nurses like Rachel Ocampo in every school, every day. Our ability to recognize health concerns and take prompt action can be instrumental in ensuring the safety and well-being of students, potentially preventing severe health complications and saving lives. As Kassie Machado advocates, the presence of school nurses is indeed imperative for the overall health and safety of students within the educational environment.

Here is helpful information from Boston Children’s Anemia in Children

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Each child may experience anemia symptoms differently. Some of the symptoms included are specific to certain causes of anemia but most are non-specific. Anemia can also be a symptom associated with other diseases. The most frequently noted anemia symptoms include:

It is important to understand that some symptoms of anemia may resemble those of other more common medical problems or other blood disorders. Because some of these symptoms can also point to other conditions, and because anemia itself can be a symptom of another medical problem, it’s important to have your child evaluated by a qualified medical professional for an accurate diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Retrieved from:  Boston Children’s Anemia in Children


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  1. Hats off to Rachel for relying on her expertise! It’s sometimes easy for us to second guess ourselves she didn’t. And thank you to Kassie for advocating for having a Nurse in every school!

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