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The Relentless School Nurse: Gorp’s Gift – A Lesson in Gun Safety for our Youngest Students

Gorp’s Gift by Sherri Chessen – Download the open-access book here!

Considering the importance of sharing the concept of gun safety, utilizing the children’s book, “Gorp’s Gift” as an educational tool seems promising. This book effectively communicates responsible behavior around guns, using the character Gorp to engage students and emphasize the need for caution and safety first. There are very few books that effectively address gun safety to our youngest learners, but Gorp’s Gift is at the top of my very short list.

Integrating this book into a health lesson for our youngest students could open up valuable discussions about the potential risks associated with guns. By creating a safe space for students to express their concerns and ask questions, we can foster a culture of awareness and safety within our school community. 

Additionally, the incorporation of the Student Pledge, featuring Gorp, can encourage students to actively participate in promoting responsible actions and decisions related to gun safety. Leveraging this pledge can reinforce the message of prioritizing safety and nurturing a sense of accountability among students.

In essence, leveraging “The Gorp’s Gift” in our role as school nurses can significantly contribute to building a responsible and safety-conscious school environment. By encouraging open discussions and emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making, we can empower students to prioritize their well-being and contribute to a secure educational setting.

Let’s explore the potential of “The Gorp’s Gift” as a means to promote responsible decision-making and foster a culture of safety among our students. I have already read Gorp’s Gift to my preschool students and they LOVED it! Gun safety is part of the Second Step Curriculum used in many early childhood education classes during the. I have included a lesson plan in case anyone is interested in using it in your schools! 

Here is a lesson plan that is open access through the Committee for Children


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