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The Relentless School Nurse: Listen to Barbara Glickstein “Getting Nurses in Media”

NursePreneur Dr. Catie Harris has a spectacular podcast featuring the leading voices in nursing as her guests. This week she has one of my favorites, my friend, Barbara Glickstein, a public health nurse, health reporter, and media strategist. I always learn when I hear Barbara speak. I walk away with nuggets of media goodness that… Continue reading The Relentless School Nurse: Listen to Barbara Glickstein “Getting Nurses in Media”

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The Relentless School Nurse: Meet Nurse/Filmmaker Natania Abebe, RN, Whose Mission is “Advancing Nursing Through Media Representation”

The best and brightest in nursing is exemplified by the creative genius of Natania Abebe, RN, a young woman who shares her personal nursing mission to amplify the profile of nursing through media representation. Natania is a recent graduate that is using art, filmmaking, and writing to express her experience as a new nurse, a woman of color and young professional entering a working world mired in sexism, racism and antiquated views of what it means to be a nurse in the 21st Century. I am beyond honored to host Natania's guest blog on The Relentless School Nurse. Please share her message far and wide, we have much to learn from her insights and I hope this important perspectives piece will open frank discussion about that state of our profession. Kudos to you Natania for "speaking truth to power." We have much to learn from you and your generation of nurses!