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The Relentless School Nurse: Waiting for Joe

I want to hold onto this feeling of relief, of the space to take a deep inhale and longer exhale. While we wait for the final vote counts, my sense of optimism is growing as each hour passes. Nothing is taken for granted during this roller coaster of a week, there is no celebration while we wait for Joe. Still, the sense of hope is expanding with every ballot counted. There will be legal battles, cries of foul play, but that is mere noise compared to the collective trauma this country has experienced.

The election map is clearly divided, reflecting the deep fissures in our county. Yet, I remain optimistic that we can heal the divides when we have a President that leads, not agitates. This is a moment of national reflection, who we are as a nation does not have to be who we have been. The past does not have to be prologue for a new day in America because it is up to each of us. The roots of our divisions existed long before the most divisive President we have ever had. We do not have to be two Americas, we can unite on a path to well-being for our greater good.  

As we wait for Joe and Kamala, I am going to focus on unclenching my jaw, stretching my aching back, and relaxing my shoulders. The stress of the past four years will not define the future. For the first time in a very long time, hope is on the horizon. I am looking forward to when I can Tweet, Hallelujah, and live out the dream I had the night before the election. First, though, let’s count 


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